7 Points to Consider When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Are you looking for a good freight forwarder to work with? My guide discusses all the points to consider to make sure you find the best team to work with. Let’s get to it.


Make sure that the company you are working with is reputable. This will ensure that the services that they offer are of high quality.

Usually, the freight forwarders that have been around for the longest have the best reputation – they wouldn’t have lasted so long if they haven’t been making customers happy.

Also, check former customer testimonials and reviews. You may think that the team you want to work with is great, but there may be a lot of bad customer reviews online.


You don’t need me to tell you thatfreight forwarding can be expensive, especially if you need your goods transported abroad. Look for a team that will not only transport your goods safely but one that will not charge astronomical rates either.

If there are many freight forwarders in your area, you have the luxury of looking around and seeing which of them offers the cheapest rates. Hopefully, one of them would be offering a special deal, letting you save when you forward a certain number or type of goods.

Transparent Pricing

Speaking of prices, you should work with someone that offers a transparent pricing policy. You would be spending blindly, otherwise.

Many Services

You may have considered the above points and found a local freight company that seems perfect to work with. However, they may not be that great. They may not specialize in transporting the type of goods that you have – they could get damaged in transit, as a result. Keep this in mind when on the hunt.

Good Networks

Check out the industry relationships that the company has established. This would ensure that the items that you’re getting transported would make it to their final destination as fast as possible. Why? Because your freight forwarder would have ample connections to solve any issues if they do arise.

Also, the better their industry relationships, the higher the chances of you getting discounts, as they would be offered better rates by their partners.


There are governing bodies that give stamps of approvals to excellent freight forwarders. One of the most famous would be WCA – if you see a WCA-approved forwarder, they would be the most worth your time.

Cargo Insurance

Even if what you are transporting is not expensive, you might still like some insurance. Transporting goods, especially interstate or abroad can be hectic. There is a major chance that what you are sending will get damaged. Cargo insurance provides protection. Ensure that the freight forwarder that you choose offers as extensive of insurance as possible.

So, what do you think about everything in my article? There are multiple points to consider when looking for the best freight forwarder. However, they are not too hard to keep in mind. One of the best points would be to look for someone that