5 Tips when Buying Genuine Car Parts

You may be interested in modifying your car. You’ll need to purchase genuine auto-parts. The below points would help you find the right ones.

What Do You Need?

Make note of exactly what you need. Parts for more expensive European vehicles can be pricey; you wouldn’t want to waste.

Check for the supporting parts you’d need to make a change. For example, swapping an AC condenser means that you’d have to replace pipes and hoses too.

To make sure you don’t go on a tangent, research what you’d need for the installation and write them down. You’d prevent yourself from making extra purchases.

Dig Around

Know which parts you’d need? That’s great. Now do some research on alternatives – see how much the same part from other brands would set you back, how easy it would be to get what you want, as well as if buying online would be more affordable than from a physical store.

Depending on the model of your vehicle, it might be hard to get what you want from a store near you. You’d be forced to buy from abroad. Maybe authorized dealers in your town could bring the product down?

If you are going to be buying online, make sure you purchase from a reputed store like Performance Heaven. When buying performance heaven car parts online, you’ll see a wide range of parts for improving your car’s speed.


How do you know what you want to buy is really genuine? The OEM database has your back. Run a part’s OEM number into the database. If there is a match, you’ll be buying something genuine.

Speak to the customer support team if you can’t find the codes on the shop’s site. They should be able to give it to you.

The numbers would also tell you if what you want to get would be compatible with your vehicle. If you buyan expensive exhaust system only to find it doesn’t fit your Mercedes, you’d have flushed cash down the toilet.


What you bought might have been expensive; you’d need expert coverage for it. Go for whichever seller is offering the longest warranty possible.

The presence of a return policy would be appreciated as well. If the mechanic that’s going to be installing the part finds fault in it, you’d be able to get your cash back.


Will you be purchasing the part online? Know how and when it would be delivered to you. Hopefully, the shop would offer expert delivery options, as the chances of what you bought being lost would be low.

Depending on where you live, you might be charged a tax for bringing the auto-part from abroad.

Knowing exactly when the item would arrive is beneficial. You’d be able to schedule an appointment with a mechanic to install it.

Final Thoughts

Genuine car parts can be pricey which is why it would be great if you make note of the above points. They’d ensure you get something you like. And you wouldn’t be wasting money either.