How to Maintain Your Car Engine to Make It Last Longer?

Once you purchase your brand-new vehicle, or second-hand car, you would now want to use it for as long possible. Of course, that is until you want to purchase a new vehicle. Regardless, you would want to use the vehicle for a long period of time and maintaining the engine is considered the most important thing to do since that is main component that propels the car forward. How is this done though? Interestingly, it is quite simple to do. The only thing is you have to be consistent.


Car engines may be rugged, but they are not built to last forever. These engines can last for a long period of time without getting much care, however, if you want it to last for as long as you want, you will have to take it to specialists and get it serviced. This means the routine replacement of oils. This includes the changing of engine oil, clutch, and radiator fluid. Sometimes this includes the cleaning of the oil catch can kit as well, since there might be some residue from the constant combustion in the engine.

Replacement of Parts

Then comes the very parts that do the main combustion functions in your engine. Due to the fact that these parts go under severe strain when the car is turned on, it is natural that these parts would wear out quickly.

If they are not replaced or repaired on time, you will find that the car will not perform to its usual standards. In many cases, the car would consume higher amounts of fuel and also would result in the burning of engine oil as well. Therefore, parts like the piston rings, spark plugs, and valves have to be constantly checked. If it needs to be changed, then make sure it is done as soon as possible.

Oil Replacements

Apart from the servicing period, there might be a time where you might need to change the oils of your engine on your own. This is quite common in more older engines, as these engines tend to burn the oil during the combustion process.

Similarly, changing the clutch oil and sometimes, even the power steering oil, along with brake fluid may have to be done by yourself in certain instances. As a result, you will have to constantly check up on the oil pressure gauges in the vehicle. More often than not, an engine warning light should pop up on the dash to indicate that something is wrong.

Cleaning Regularly

The engine may be something that you might think that does not need much cleaning, however, it is completely the opposite. The engine has to be cleaned every now and then to make sure that the parts are free from any sort of alien debris which may result in the subpar performance of the car.

Armed with this knowledge, now you should be able to take care of your car in the best possible manner that will allow you to run it for a longer period of time.