Common Car Repairs You Will Face as a Vehicle Owner

Owning a car comes with a set of responsibilities and maintenance is something that falls under the vehicle owner’s purview. There are certain repairs you need to carry out periodically and maintenance routines that need to be kept. You should be aware of the financial weight of these maintenance and repair procedures as well before you make a purchase.

While there are some repairs that you can do as a vehicle owner, there could be certain things that you will not have the expertise to carry out. If your car stops during a journey and you cannot find a reason, you will need to contact Mobile Mechanics in Epping. There are professionals that you can contact whenever there is an emergency with the car. You can also carry out certain routine repairs or services with the same company. One of the common vehicle repairs is changing the oil or oil filter. It is recommended that you replace the oil and the oil filter after you have covered 7500 miles. You can also check this with the manufacturer’s manual. This will ensure smooth performance of the vehicle. You will be improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle as well.

Much like the oil filter, the air filter is another component that you need to replace. Depending on the conditions that you drive in you can either replace it every 15,000 miles or 30,000 miles. The air filter is what cleans the air coming into the car and directs it to combustion. There is a lot of debris like dust and insects that can get trapped within this air filter. Over time, it will be clogged with too much debris to provide optimal filtration. The engine will not be able to have a sufficient air intake. Wiper blades require replacement twice a year. This is something that we don’t consider unless there is an issue. But actually, this replacement is done for safety reasons. By the end of six months, the wiper will have withstood different weather conditions whether it is rain, snow, sun. The rubber component of the wiper blade can crack after some time and this will reduce the visibility of your windshield. Some items in vehicle maintenance may be covered by a warranty, service contract or insurance. This is something you should check before replacing the parts.

The tyres of a car can withstand a lot of wear and tear. But they also need replacing depending on the way you drive, driving speed, the terrain you drive on, type of vehicle and the age. Depending on the maintenance that you carry out, you will be able to keep your tyres for longer. However, with time, the tread of the tyres can wear out which affects how they grip the road when driving. It will be less effective and will affect the safety of the vehicle occupants as well. Then there are car batteries that will lose their effectiveness over time which needs to be replaced every 5 years. Depending on the usage, this can be extended by another 3 years approximately.