Tips for Vehicle Engine Maintenance

You need to keep up on engine maintenance to make sure that the performance of the car is at an optimal level. There are certain routine inspections and procedures that you can do to ensure that the engine is working properly. This will allow you to minimize engine problems and spot any issue from the beginning so that it doesn’t become a larger problem.

For extensive repairs and maintenance, you can contact Concourse Auto Electrical for their services. But there is some routine maintenance that you can do on your own like changing the engine oil. This is what ensures that all moving parts of the engine are lubricated. It will also trap sediments, dust and dirt keeping them from affecting the performance of the vehicle. You need to check the oil level once every month. If the oil level is low, it needs to be topped up. Your manufacturer’s manual will give you an indication of the intervals to change oil and the grade of oil that has to be used. Another thing you need to check is the oil filter which ensures that any sediment from the oil is filtered.

You need to check the level of coolant as well. This ensures that the heat generated during combustion is properly dissipated. The ideal ratio of coolant to distilled water is 1:1. Whenever you are driving on a hot day and you notice that the engine temperature gauge shows that the engine is at risk of overheating, you should shut down the car immediately. If the vehicle can’t take in a sufficient air flow it can lead to incomplete combustion of fuel and this will increase the emission from the car. You will see the mileage dropping as well. So you need to make sure that the air filter is checked regularly and cleaned or replaced. The fuel filter should also be checked for build-up and replaced when necessary.

If you notice oil on the ground of your driveway, it is an indication of a leak and you will need to get the vehicle checked by a mechanic. You can also lift the hood and check whether you can spot the leak or smell anything out of the ordinary. The bottom of your fuel tank will have some sediment on it which will accumulate over years of usage. So it is not advised to run the engine when you are low on fuel. This will pull the entire collected gunk into the fuel pump and cause it too much wear. So you need to make sure you top up the fuel tank when required avoiding using the reserve fuel. If you see the check engine light come on, you need to get to a mechanic immediately. This is not something that you can ignore. The purpose of this light is to protect the engine. The cause may not be serious but it is best to be safe than sorry. You need to look at how you drive as well because improper driving can put a strain on the engine. So you need to stop revving too hard as this will tire out the engine.