Why Some Cars are Easier to Maintain

In the globalized world of today, there are many vehicles out there that are cheap and reasonable for even a person who is just starting out his/her professional life. Most often than not, these vehicles are easier to maintain than other vehicles. Why is it like that? Aren’t all cars built using the same material? The simple answer is no. The reason for this is the way it is design and also due to many other reasons. The following elements are just some of the more notable ones.

Components Used

The first thing that is quite notable in a vehicle that is cheaper to maintain is the fact that the components used are basic components that are not so difficult to fabricate. For example, if we take Toyota Corolla spare parts, we can find out that some of the older models are still compatible with newer models, making these components very cheap. These can range from engine components to even interior components. Thus, making it one of the reasons as to why these cars are cheaper to run than a European equivalent.

Production Cost

The other reason for why certain cars is cheaper to maintain than others is the fact the production cost of the vehicle and its spare parts are lower. This is quite evident when comparing Japanese or Chinese cars to European or American brands. This can be attributed to the labour and how factories run. Of course, there are other factors that do play a role as well, such as government regulations, incentives, and other things. Therefore, making it another notable reason as to why cars made in one country are cheaper than cars made in another country.

Ease of Availability

One of the defining features of a car that is cheaper to maintain than other vehicles is the fact the effort to search for spare parts are relatively very easy. This is because of the mass consumption of such a vehicle. The previous example of the Corolla is a great way to demonstrate this. Due to the availability of the vehicle throughout the whole world, parts can be sourced from almost anywhere in the world, making it easy to quickly change the damaged part. In hindsight, this makes it possible for you to use the vehicle for a longer period at a relatively low cost.


Many Asian car makers often produce their cars using the same universal components. For example, if you take the brake pads of a Suzuki, you can still change the component with Nissan in certain instances. This is because cars are no longer hand built. They are built by machines that follow human standards that do not necessarily change for a long period of time.

As a result, even a vehicle that is not necessarily of the same brand can be repaired using a spare part of another brand due to the same specifications. However, it is highly recommended that you use genuine spare parts for your vehicle.

In conclusion, there are several reasons as to why certain cars are cheaper to maintain than others, and the above mentioned are just some of them.